At the end of a lonely dirt road in Davie county stands an abandoned house slowly falling into ruin. At one time, the house was a happy place, full of life and inhabited by a family of four. To outsiders, at least, the family seemed idyllic–but a dark current of rage and madness ran beneath the placid exterior.

One night, this darkness erupted into murder. The father gathered the rest of the family in the front sitting room, where he slaughtered them all so savagely that the walls were covered in sprays of blood.

No one else wanted to live in a house with such a history, so the homestead was abandoned. However, people who came down the road at night soon noticed a strange phenomenon: if the beams of headlights or flashlights were allowed to shine through the window of the front room for more than a few seconds, the white walls would slowly turn red!

A real fixer-upper, perfect for that creepy uncle no one talks about.

The most recently documented occurrence comes from three young men who decided to find out for themselves if the stories of the house were true. Arriving at the homestead after dark, they parked so that the beams of their car’s headlights shone through the front window. Sure enough, after a few minutes the walls seemed to change color from white to red.

The boys weren’t convinced yet, however. One of them suggested that there must be a red carpet in the room, and the reflection from that caused the reddish hue on the walls. Deciding to investigate, they crossed the creaking boards of the rotting porch, forced open the old door, and went inside the house that had witnessed so much death.

Once inside, they quickly found the front room. The beams of their flashlights revealed white plaster walls and dusty hardwood floors, without a scrap of carpet. There seemed nothing that could account for the red glow.

Then one of the boys started badly. The beam of his flashlight had remained fixed on the wall, while the other two investigated the rest of the room. Even as he watched, the wall changed from white to red…then took on a wet sheen, even as the smell of blood filled the tiny room.

The boys’ nerve broke, and they fled from the house and raced to the car. Even as they sped away, one of them looked back. A dark, hulking figure stood in the window of the room they’d just vacated, staring out after them.

So if you’re out late at night on the Davie county backroads and see an old abandoned house…keep driving. There’s no telling what might be lurking within.

Source: Roadside Revenants and Other North Carolina Ghosts and Legends by Michael Renegar

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