Weekly WTF?

People love to collect things which used to belong to other, more-famous people. Just watch any episode of Antiques Roadshow. From George Washington’s false teeth to Daniel Boone’s marriage certificate, people will squeal, gasp, and pay top-dollar for things once owned by their heros.

But sometimes, collectors go a little overboard. Take Napoleon’s chaplain, who apparently  made off with the royal penis when the former emperor died in exile. Yes, Napoleon’s own personal man of God made off with his own personal junk.

Napoleon, presumably with his penis
Napoleon, presumably with his penis still attached.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, the mummified (and much shrunken–ouch) penis passed through a number of hands (*snicker*), until it was bought by an American collector and put on display at parties. I can only imagine the conversation this particular cocktail weenie must have inspired.

In a final insult to the once-mighty member, Napoleon’s penis is currently spending its afterlife in New Jersey, in the possession of a collector’s heirs. That would be enough to give anyone a complex.

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    • jordan

      I vaguely recall reading that in the medieval era, when holy relics were a big thing, some poor bloke had to flee a monastery he’d stopped at in the middle of the night because he was afraid they were plotting to kill him to get pieces parts to use as relics (which were a big draw for pilgrims, and thus a big money-maker). Can’t remember who it was, other than he did eventually become a saint.

      • That’s what I was thinking! “What part of Napoleon’s anatomy was stolen and used as a party decoration?” See, that’s a question every kid in the class would have answered correctly on the test, right? LOL

    • jordan

      No kidding! A lock of hair, a fingernail clipping, his favorite pair of shoes–surely there was some other option. o.O