Remnant Now Available (for FREE!)


The crossover story between the wonderful KJ Charles and me is now available! Did we mention it’s free? Plus don’t miss this fun characters interview we did with Boys in Our Books!

London, 1899. The beautiful people are dying…

A malevolent power is attacking London’s bright young things, and the only clue to what’s happening is written in ancient Egyptian script. As ghost-hunter Simon Feximal and his companion Robert Caldwell investigate the mysterious deaths, the arrival in London of a notorious scholar-sorcerer seems to hold the answer to more than one of their problems.

A quiet break in London while en route to Egypt turns dramatic for Dr Percival Endicott Whyborne and his lover Griffin Flaherty when they encounter the hostile ghost-hunter. Feximal clearly suspects the worst of Whyborne – and his flirtatious sidekick seems to think a great deal too well of Griffin…

Jordan L Hawk’s heroes Whyborne and Griffin meet KJ Charles’ occult detectives from the Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal in a mystery that takes all four lovers through the decadent underworld of Victorian London in pursuit of an ancient and deadly evil.

Download it FREE here:

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18 responses to “Remnant Now Available (for FREE!)

  1. Rein

    Wow, what a lovely surprise!! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to see what wonderful written magic you two have created together!

      • Rein

        A wonderful collaboration for sure! You worked together beautifully. 🙂 The story was great, and I would love nothing more than to see these two awesome pairings mixed up in yet another paranormal adventure together! Great job to you both!

        • jordan

          Thanks! So glad you enjoyed it. As I said, we had an absolute blast writing it. 😀

  2. Thank you both so much for writing this–I’m getting a little behind–buried, believe it or not, in teddy bear paraphernalia. They were going to be mini bears, now probably bigger…long story.

    It is so generous of you and KJ Charles to share your valuable time in writing these extremely enjoyable short stories for your drooling (strike that) slavering (strike that twice) appreciative fans.

    I thought you might enjoy this little tidbit I found while looking up your books (I was hoping to find Butterflies–I will look elsewhere than amazon, which has supplied me with…hm, nothing so far for my teddy bear endeavor other than a little cute red speaker for my iMac that hasn’t arrived yet. I did just order it, and I don’t think their drones are working yet) Did order some rulers and officey things from them. Oh no. It wants HTML. Only one thing to do.

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