A lot of you have been asking about these, so I’m very happy to announce both Necropolis and “Eidolon” are available as audiobooks narrated by Julian G. Simmons. Currently they’re at Amazon and Audible, but iTunes should be on its way.

Just click the links below to buy or view!


Find it on:



Find it on:



Necropolis and Eidolon Audiobooks are Here at Last! — 5 Comments

  1. Yep, excellent and worth the wait. I bought both almost as soon as they became available (because I’ve spent the last week just staring at the audible site willing the books to appear). Needless to say I didn’t sleep until I finished Necropolis.

  2. Yes, he is. It’s rare that a narrator so perfectly fits the characters he narrates. Sadly, most of them are just meh.


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