First, feast your eyes on this beautiful image from the insanely talented Catherine Dair:



Click the image to view or download in all its full sized glory.

Isn’t that beautiful? Wouldn’t you love to have that hanging on your wall? Well now you can, along with several other images already available on t-shirts and bags. In order to properly do posters, I’ve had to open a separate Redbubble shop (CafePress offers posters but it kept wanting to add white around the image, alas). You can check it out here, but please note you’ll have to choose the Mature Content option at the bottom to “Visible” in order to view this particular image.


New Whyborne & Griffin Art + Posters! — 4 Comments

  1. Gosh, they look gorgeous. Can’t wait for Hoarfrost to come!

    I prolonged to read Restless Spirits as long as I could, but finally had to give in. Lovely characters and quite a creepy haunted house. 😀
    And though it’s minor for everything that happened in the story, I totally thrive on the fact that Henry’s ancestors came from my birth town.

  2. *fans self off*

    Oh dear lord, this is a beautiful piece of art. Makes me even more anxious to read Hoarfrost.


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