Hoarfrost Audiobook Cover

The audiobook version of Hoarfrost is finally live! As always, Julian G. Simmons did an amazing job with the narration. It’s currently out on iTunes and Audible, with Amazon to come once it wends through their system.


The Hoarfrost Audiobook Has (Finally) Arrived! — 4 Comments

  1. Yayy so excited! 😀 Hey BTW just a little heads up that I happened to also be on the W&G page earlier today before I realised this was out and got confused because the audio link to the Hoarfrost actually says ‘Bloodline in audio.’

  2. It’s on my wish list… WIll probably use my next Audible credit for it.

    On another note, I saw Whyborne yesterday! No really, I saw a man in the street, tall, thin, dark hair, wearing a suit. My first thought was: he looks like Whyborne! I wonder what this says about me… 🙂

    • Haha, awesome!

      I was on a panel at a conference last year, and one of the guys in the audience looked remarkably like the model on my covers (Charles McGregor). It was really hard not to get distracted staring at him.


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