Want some exclusive Whyborne & Griffin buttons?

As a special thank you to all my wonderful supporters on my Patreon, I’m offering an exclusive set of four, one-inch Whyborne & Griffin buttons featuring Whyborne, Griffin, Christine, and Iskander*. All current and new subscribers at the $5 level and above will receive a set of all four buttons in January.

Not a Patreon supporter? Check it out and see if there are any regular perks you might be interested in. My Patreon supporters allow me to spend less time worrying about what new shenanigans Amazon is pulling, and more time writing books.

Not sure if a Patreon subscription is right for you, but still want the buttons? Simply cancel your subscription November 30! It’s that easy. Also, don’t forget, you can edit the amount of your pledge up or down at any time.

*Awesome art by Helen Kord!

Posted November 16, 2018 by jordan in Whyborne & Griffin / 0 Comments