Hoarfrost is Now Available


It’s here, it’s here! I’m so excited to share this one with you all!

Sorcerer Percival Endicott Whyborne and his husband Griffin Flaherty have enjoyed an unprecedented stretch of peace and quiet. Unfortunately, the calm is shattered by the arrival of a package from Griffin’s brother Jack, who has uncovered a strange artifact while digging for gold in Alaska. The discovery of a previously unknown civilization could revive the career of their friend Dr. Christine Putnam—or it might kill them all, if the hints of dark sorcery surrounding the find are true.

With Christine and her fiancé Iskander, Whyborne and Griffin must journey to the farthest reaches of the arctic to stop an ancient evil from claiming the life of Griffin’s brother. But in the rough mining camp of Hoarfrost, secrets fly as thickly as the snow, and Whyborne isn’t the only sorcerer drawn by the rumors of magic. And amidst a wilderness of ice and stone, Griffin must either face his greatest fear—or lose everyone he loves.

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The Music of Hoarfrost, SPECTR Audiobook and More!

I’d never even heard of Fall Out Boy before seeing Big Hero 6, and they ended up with three songs on my writing soundtrack. O.o


SPECTR: The Complete First Series is now available as a single massive audiobook for your listening pleasure. That’s over 24 hours of content! Currently available on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.

In other news, Becky Black was kind enough to interview me on her blog about Hoarfrost and more!


And in still OTHER news, I’m participating along with 223 other fabulous authors in the LGBTQ Push Back Charity Giveaway, which you can learn all about here.