News Series Coming in January

In case you missed it last week at The Novel Approach Reviews, I have the first book in a brand new historical paranormal series coming out early next year!

Restless Spirits

After losing the family fortune to a fraudulent psychic, inventor Henry Strauss is determined to bring the otherworld under control through the application of science. All he needs is a genuine haunting to prove his Electro-Séance will work. A letter from wealthy industrialist Dominic Gladfield seems the answer to his prayers. Gladfield’s proposition: a contest pitting science against spiritualism, with a hefty prize for the winner.

The contest takes Henry to Reyhome Castle, the site of a series of brutal murders decades earlier. There he meets his rival for the prize, the dangerously appealing Vincent Night. Vincent is handsome, charming…and determined to get Henry into bed.

Henry can’t afford to fall for a spirit medium, let alone the competition. But nothing in the haunted mansion is quite as it seems, and soon winning the contest is the least of Henry’s concerns.

For the evil stalking the halls of Reyhome Castle wants to claim not just Henry and Vincent’s lives, but their very souls.

Coming January 6, 2015

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Parlez-vous Français

I’m very pleased to announce the Whyborne & Griffin series will be translated into French by the lovely people at Reines-Beaux, with Contresens (Widdershins) coming in December and Talisman (Eidolon) in February. :)


Certaines choses devraient rester enterrées.

Perceval Endicott Whyborne, érudit refoulé, possède deux compétences : lire des langues mortes et se terrer dans son bureau du Musée Ladysmith. Après la mort tragique de l’ami qu’il aimait en secret, il a impitoyablement réprimé tout élan envers les autres hommes. Lorsque le charmant Griffon Flaherty, un ex-Pinkerton, s’adresse à lui pour traduire un mystérieux ouvrage, Whyborne veut tout naturellement terminer la tâche pour se débarrasser du détective privé le plus rapidement possible. Griffon a quitté les Pinkertons suite à la mort de son partenaire, dans l’espoir de commencer une nouvelle vie.

Mais le puissant culte qui a assassiné Glenn a pris racine à Contresens, et seuls les sortilèges présents dans le livre peuvent les arrêter. Des sortilèges en l’existence desquels Whyborne l’intellectuel se refuse à croire.

Tandis que l’enquête rapproche les deux hommes, le charme désinvolte de Griffon menace de briser le contrôle de fer de Whyborne. Lorsque le culte ressuscite un sorcier malveillant capable de manipuler des monstres terrifiants, Whyborne pourra-t-il surmonter sa peur et apprendre à accorder sa confiance ? Griffon pourra-t-il faire table rase du passé et prendre le risque de tomber amoureux ? Ou les secrets de Griffon coûteront-ils à Whyborne son cœur et sa vie ?

Bent-Con Schedule


Bent Con

November 7-9, 2014
Burbank, CA

This coming weekend, I’m taking my first trip to CA to appear at Bent-Con. I’ll be hanging out at the Inkslingers booth a good portion of the time, so drop by and visit me there! I’ll also be on the following panels:


5:00 pm – Writing Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Supernatural


12:00 pm – What Makes a Quality GLBT Entertainment Product? – Julian G. Simmons, who narrates the Whyborne & Griffin audiobooks, will be on this panel so come by an say hi!

1:00 pm – World-Building in a Contemporary Setting

2:15 pm – Inkslingers Reads

3:00 pm – Signing Table

4:00 pm – The Advent of the GLBT Audiobook – again with Julian, woot!

Unfortunately I have to fly out early on Sunday, but I hope to see some of you on Friday and Saturday! :)

Bloodline Release Day


Bloodline is now available for your reading pleasure! But before I get to that, I’d like to say thank you. Without your support, this book–this series–would never have come about. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to continue writing the stories I love. I truly have the best readers in the world.

Also, since I’ve been asked about the audio, I wanted to say Julian will most likely start recording at the end of the month, which probably translates to an early-to-mid December release. :) If you are looking for print, the book is available on Createspace and should be on Amazon by tomorrow.

Between his bullying father and dissolute brother, Percival Endicott Whyborne has quite enough problematic family members to deal with. So when his sister returns to Widdershins asking for help solving the mystery of a derelict ship, Whyborne is reluctant to get involved. Until, that is, a brutal murderer strikes, leaving Whyborne and his lover Griffin no choice but to take the case.

The investigation leads them deep into a conspiracy of blackmail, murder, and darkest sorcery. But worst of all are the secrets held within the family itself, one of which will destroy everything Whyborne believed to be true, not only about his family, but about himself.

Buy Bloodline here:

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New Whyborne & Griffin Short Story Plus an Amazing Anthology

Another Place in Time

The charity anthology Another Place in Time releases today! Filled with historical goodies from the likes of KJ Charles, Tamara Allen, Kaje Harper, Joanna Chambers, and Aleksandr Voinov, this anthology was put together by the wonderful Susan Lee. When the invitation to participate landed in my mailbox, I realized it would be the perfect opportunity to indulge in another Whyborne & Griffin short story. “Carousel” takes place between the events of Stormhaven and Necropolis, and relates how Griffin came to the decision to search for his brothers. Of course, there’s also plenty of magic and excitement!

Other stories include:

“Office Romance” by Tamara Allen
“Introducing Mr. Winterbourne” by Joanna Chambers
“The Ruin of Gabriel Ashleigh” by KJ Charles
“Unfair in Love and War” by Kaje Harper
“Deliverance” by Aleksandr Voinov

Along with a foreword written by Alex Beecroft. All proceeds from the purchase of this anthology will be donated to

Buy it here: