I asked on Facebook, this blog, and my newsletter if anyone had lingering, or even not so lingering, questions about SPECTR now that the first series is complete. And you certainly did! Be aware that there are *SPOILERS* in this post, so if you haven’t finished the series, you have been warned! And if you haven’t started the series yet, the first installment, Hunter of Demons is FREE just about everywhere, including Amazon and ARe.

Which is easier, writing contemporary or historical?

Both have their challenges, but on the plus side I can actually visit present-day Charleston to do research, whereas visiting Massachusetts in 1899 is a bit more difficult.

Taken from atop the Battery Huger. The wall on the left with the wooden barrier on top is where the Vigilant entered the fortress.

Taken from atop the Battery Huger. The wall on the left with the wooden barrier on top is where the Vigilant entered the fortress.

Do you have Gray’s number?

This question made me imagine what a phone conversation with Gray would be like. “Hello? Gray?” “I do not have time for this mortal nonsense. There are demons to hunt.” *click*

Which was your favorite book in the series to write?

Destroyer of Worlds, because there were a number of scenes in it that I’d been planning since the very beginning of the series, and I finally got to write them. I was grinning like an idiot when I typed “Gray kissed him.”

What makes 40 days the “magic number” for exorcism–is there something behind the number, or was it a random choice?

One of the books I read when initially developing the series was The Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology by Theresa Bane. The 40 day (sometimes 40 year) number kept cropping up, usually in relation to how long you had to destroy a vampire before it became immortal. What the cultural context was that made the 40 day deadline significant, I don’t know, but it was the perfect “ticking clock” for poor Caleb (and the other possessed people, of course).

Hunter of DemonsI’ve only gotten to read the first book – and I know it’s a weird detail to get hung up on – but in the house where Gray first possesses Caleb, Caleb’s described as wearing a hand-knitted sweater. Does he knit?

The sweater was a gift from a friend back in Charlotte. Gray would probably enjoy knitting, though.

Of all the otherworldly beings, which do you find the most satisfying to write and which wouldn’t you write if we paid you?

Huh. I can’t think of any I would flat-out refuse to write. As for most satisfying, I’ve always been a sucker for a good possession story, so I’ll go with our favorite drakul as most satisfying.

What was your inspiration for the drakul?

For years I wanted to do a vampire story drawing from the original folklore, which was very different from that invented by the Victorians. Here’s a blog post I did on the folklore, and another on the Victorian take on vampires.

That said, I was trying to figure out how to make it actually work in a story. I finally had a breakthrough when I wondered what would happen if the body the vampire possesses was revived by modern medicine. The snacking on demonic energy in the form of blood came along shortly thereafter during the world-building phase.

Did you always intend for Gray to survive and for John to love both Gray and Caleb?

Yes! That was the love story I set out to tell from the beginning. I think it surprised some people, though. :)

Will SPECTR 2 feature the same two (three) main characters or will there be new main characters??

Gray, Caleb, and John will still be the main characters in Series 2.

Thanks everyone for your questions! Oh, and if you haven’t checked out the SPECTR Pinterest board, you can do that here.

SPECTR Announcements

If I had to list the two most frequent questions I get from SPECTR fans, they would be “will the books be in audio” and “will you please, please, write more.” ;) So today I aim to answer both of those questions!

Hunter of Demons

I’m pleased to announce I’ve opened auditions for a narrator for Hunter of Demons. Now, how long it will take to find the right person I can’t say. Julian G. Simmons was literally the first person to audition for Widdershins, but the chances of getting a perfect match so quickly a second time seem slim. Which doesn’t mean it won’t happen, of course!

Now on to the second question! I’d always toyed with at least the possibility of doing  SPECTR Series 2. While SPECTR doesn’t have as many fans as Whyborne & Griffin (so if you know anyone who might like the series, let them know Hunter of Demons is now free on Amazon, ARe, Smashwords, and just about everywhere else), you guys are VERY vocal about what you want. And what you want is Series 2!

So consider this my official announcement: SPECTR Series 2 will debut some time in 2015. I can’t be more specific date-wise at the moment, but as soon as I have my 2015 schedule in a few months, I promise I will let everyone know.

Now that I’ve answered the two big questions, what others do you have? Next week I’m going to post a SPECTR Series 1 wrap-up blog where I answer any other lingering questions. So please leave all of your questions in the comments below! Please note I am taking questions about Book 6, but if yours is spoilery, please put *SPOILER* at the beginning of your comment so readers who haven’t finished the series will know to skim past. :)

Summoner of Storms is Now Available!

Summoner of Storms

Summoner of Storms (SPECTR 6) is now available for your reading pleasure!

Federal exorcist John Starkweather’s life is in tatters. His best friend Sean betrayed him.  SPECTR, the agency he viewed more as a surrogate family than an employer, wants him dead. His only allies are members of the mysterious organization called the Vigilant, whose motives remain in question.

The only thing keeping John together is the presence of his lovers: Caleb Jansen, a powerful telekinetic, and Gray, the vampire spirit possessing Caleb.

Together, they must not only evade capture, but somehow stop SPECTR from building an army of demon possessed soldiers. If they are to succeed, John must question everything he’s ever believed about SPECTR and spirits. And Caleb and Gray must decide how far they’re willing to go—not just for John’s love, but for his very life.

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Necropolis and Eidolon Audiobooks are Here at Last!

A lot of you have been asking about these, so I’m very happy to announce both Necropolis and “Eidolon” are available as audiobooks narrated by Julian G. Simmons. Currently they’re at Amazon and Audible, but iTunes should be on its way.

Just click the links below to buy or view!


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