Breaker of Chains IS LIVE!

It’s here! I’m so very excited to share Breaker of Chains with you. This is a part of the story I’ve been working toward for quite a while. Caught between the worlds of human and drakul, Caleb and Gray must … Continue reading →

Coming Soon: Breaker of Chains (SPECTR 2.4)

Caught between the worlds of human and drakul, Caleb and Gray must make a fateful choice. Big changes are afoot at SPECTR. John Starkweather, once a hotshot field agent, is now benched. Instead of chasing down demons during Charleston’s biggest … Continue reading →

Drinker of Blood is Now Available!

Finally! A new SPECTR book! And  yes, the audiobook has been completed and will be available soon. 😀 An outbreak of demon attacks across Charleston has worn SPECTR agent John Starkweather to the bone. Now a new threat faces his … Continue reading →

Dancer of Death is Now Available!

Revenge. Murder. Ballet? Vampire spirit Gray wants to hunt demons. Unfortunately, the foolish mortals at SPECTR have put his host, Caleb, their lover John, and their partner Zahira on desk duty. Gray longs to leave Charleston with John, but if … Continue reading →

Dancer of Death Sneak Peek!

Who wants a sneak peek of Chapter 1? Click on over here to find out what Caleb and Gray are up to! Dancer of Death comes out next week! I’m so excited to share this book with you. UPDATE: Now … Continue reading →