Vaudeville stage magician Christopher Fiend lives for the spotlight. His chance at big time stardom awaits him in Chicago, the next stop on the circuit after the little town of Twelfth Junction. Edward Smith wants nothing to do with his … Continue reading →

New Year’s Blog Hop

Happy 2013, everyone! I hope you all had a safe and wonderful New Year’s Eve, including celebrating with whatever traditions you might have. We had a lot of New Year’s traditions when I grew up, most of them handled by … Continue reading →

Jordan’s Really Useful Gift Guide for Writers

Most gift guides for writers suggest things like pretty journals and fancy pens, which is really useful only for those who still write long hand. Since my handwriting looks like an epileptic spider got dipped in ink and turned loose … Continue reading →

What to Get the Person Who Has Everything (Except Sense)

As some of you may be aware, last October I had the pleasure of attending GayRom Lit in Albuquerque, NM. I chose to fly out, and you lovers of airline travel know what that means! Sky Mall Catalog. Repository of the … Continue reading →