Undertow is Now Available!

Shy secretary Maggie Parkhurst knows there’s nothing special about her. She’s neither sorceress, nor fighter, nor scholar. What could she possibly have to offer Persephone, the chieftess of the inhuman ketoi—and the woman Maggie’s fallen in love with? After Maggie’s … Continue reading →

Fallow (W&G 8) – Cover Reveal!

When Griffin’s past collides with his present, will it cost the lives of everyone he loves? Between the threat of a world-ending invasion from the Outside and unwelcome revelations about his own nature, Percival Endicott Whyborne is under a great … Continue reading →

The Music of Hoarfrost, Plus Arctic Expedition Gear

When Bloodline came out, I got some questions about whether I listen to music while I write, and if so, what do I listen to? The answer is no, I don’t listen while I write, but I do listen while I plot. … Continue reading →

Hoarfrost (W&G 6) Now Available for Pre-order

Sorcerer Percival Endicott Whyborne and his husband Griffin Flaherty have enjoyed an unprecedented stretch of peace and quiet. Unfortunately, the calm is shattered by the arrival of a package from Griffin’s brother Jack, who has uncovered a strange artifact while … Continue reading →