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SPECTR Series 3: Volume 1 - PAPERBACK

SPECTR Series 3: Volume 1 - PAPERBACK

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SPECTR: Series 3, Volume 1 contains: 

Stalker of Shadows

Bringer of Night

Seeker of Truth


A New Chapter Begins!

Federal exorcist John Starkweather and his boyfriends, Caleb and the vampire spirit Gray, have relocated to New Orleans. Behind the tourist façade of booze and beignets, dark things lurk in the shadows of a city still scarred by disaster. Rougarous and doppelgängers stalk their victims—and are in turn hunted by an undead drakul called Night.

But the worst monsters of all may lie hidden in John’s own mind. After reconnecting with his estranged family, John begins to doubt not only his past, but his very identity. Was he the victim of brainwashing as a child? And if so, what happened to the boy whose place he took? 

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