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The Team (Jordan L. Hawk writing as JL Raven) - PAPERBACK

The Team (Jordan L. Hawk writing as JL Raven) - PAPERBACK

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**Please note, this book is a thriller, not a romance!**

The opportunity of a lifetime might get her killed.

When her boss comes down with a bout of food poisoning, lowly corporate accountant Lauren gets an offer she can’t refuse: take his place at an exclusive team-building retreat with senior management.

The retreat is held at a remote lodge, and the rules are strict: no cell phones, no computers, and no contact with the outside world. Events take a sinister turn when a freak snowstorm leaves them trapped far from civilization…and Lauren discovers they aren’t alone in the wilderness.

As a stranger with a hidden motive stalks the team, revelations unfold and buried resentments boil over. And when the ties holding them together begin to fray, the greatest threat to their survival might be each other.

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